What is MADANA

MADANA securely bridges the gap between data and insights.

Our Story

Why are we doing it, why are we capable of doing it?

Lisk Supporters

As early Lisk supporters and the first major ICO on Lisk, we provide a new business model for future dApps and existing services. Lisk based projects can easily use MADANA to gain insights and monetize data in a privacy-preserving way.

Blockchain Believers

In 2013 we founded one of the first Bitcoin Meetups in Germany, to educate about blockchain technology, spread the idea of decentralization, and to grow the community. We believe with blockchain technology we can change the world.

Domain Knowledge

Lisk and MADANA have a common origin at RWTH Aachen University, one of the well-known Universities for Computer Science, Cryptography and Entrepreneurship in Germany.

Data Analysis Today

Data analysis has failed to preserve your privacy, has failed to let you keep control over your data, has failed to distribute rewards to all participants.

In the recent past, data breaches, unauthorized data usage and intensified surveillance made us realize, the current way of analyzing and collecting data is not fair, often unethical and can be bad for society in the long term.

We want to change that with MADANA.

MADANA is the Solution

MADANA is a platform where you can take advantage of today's data analysis potential, to live a better life and help others at the same time. You will also get a fair reward for contributing your data, without actually giving it away.

Data Control

MADANA never sells raw data – this is not even possible on the MADANA platform. All data will be encrypted and stored on the data producer side. Therefore the data producer has to be asked before any data can be analyzed. MADANA enables you to monetize your data without actually giving it away.

Data for good

Today, the most common use-case for data analysis is targeted advertising. It is a huge business. But there is so much more that could be done with privacy-preserving data analysis. Imagine saving lives, by helping to develop better treatments. Since you are in full control, you can feel good about collecting your data.

Fair Rewards

You get a fair share of the analysis value of your data. Not only once, but every time it is used for an analysis. Blockchain technology helps us to build a transparent system that can be trusted. Smart contracts ensure a safe and automated process.

Easy and intuitive

MADANA provides an easy and intuitive way of giving consent to use your data. You will be able to pick between different data types and its analysis purpose.

You can give or revoke consent at any time. Since your data will be collected and stored on your device, you even keep control of all the data that got collected with MADANA in the past.

How does MADANA work

MADANA provides an ecosystem that is accessible, scalable and easy to use. The data is encrypted on the side of the data producer, which enables full data control. MADANA shares insights with others, never raw data.

3 Roles – Unlimited Participants

MADANA is an open platform where data producers, plug-in providers and data analysis buyers come together. Everybody can participate, and every participant can take on any role.

Data Producer

Data producers can be individuals but also companies. MADANA enables you to preserve your privacy while sharing insights with others. Therefore you stay in control, can benefit from your data yourself, and provide additional value to others at the same time.

Data Analysis Buyer

Get your questions answered by using MADANA, utilizing a growing pool of decentralized information and high-quality analysis algorithms. Data analysis results can be requested on a regular basis or on demand, without the need for costly data management. The cost of executing an analysis process is transparent and fair.

Plug-in Provider

Plug-in providers are data scientists and data analysis experts who develop algorithms to gain insights. MADANA provides an open platform for everybody, naturally rewarding the best plug-ins. This leads to high-quality results and paves the way for new kinds of data analysis, combining multiple types of data and giving data analysis newcomers a fair chance to develop their business.

The PAX token is the fuel for data analysis requests. Smart contracts ensure a fair distribution of PAX token to every participant. In order to execute the analysis, the PAX token has to be distributed to data producers and plug-in providers.

Data Analysis Buyers will purchase analysis results with PAX for a transparent price. Every time your data will be used, you get a fair share of PAX for providing your data. Further, the plug-in provider also receives PAX as a reward for developing and providing the analysis algorithm.

MADANA is Patent Pending

MADANA makes use of trusted execution environments to conduct the analysis. Raw data is never sold, only insights will be shared with the Data Analysis Buyer.

Why use MADANA

Due to data misuse, the field of data analysis currently has a rather bad reputation. But in reality data analysis can help you to live a better life and help others at the same time. We want you to feel good about collecting and analyzing data. With MADANA, the platform for privacy-preserving data analysis, we can change the future for the better.

Make your life better

By collecting your own data, it can be used to optimize your daily routines, give personal health advice and help you live a better life.

New Business Model

A privacy-preserving market for data analysis enables Apps and Services to implement a new business model apart from advertising.

More efficient Processes

Millions of IoT devices are collecting data already. By bringing this data together in a privacy-preserving way, we can understand their usage context much better. This enables more precise predictions and can be used to make processes more efficient. Imagine faster package deliveries, fewer traffic jams, and more accurate weather predictions.

More sustainable Products

MADANAs way of distributed data analysis can provide cross-analytics insights that are hardly possible today. Combining relevant information from different domains can help us to distribute energy more intelligently, produce cars that need less service and significantly reduce the amount of waste at home.

Saving Lives

Collecting medical data can help you to live a healthier life. You can profit by getting more relevant treatments yourself. By sharing this knowledge on the MADANA network, you can help with the development of new medication for everybody.

Opportunities and future potential

By providing a GDPR compliant way for data monetization, MADANA enables new business models for Apps and Services. They can use MADANA to gain insights about their product or monetize data in a privacy-preserving way.