The PAX token

The PAX token will serve as the native currency of the MADANA platform. To run and distribute rewards across a global network of participants, a blockchain-based approach is an ideal solution.

PAX is the token that represents fair and trusted data analysis. It stands for privacy, accessibility and exchangeability.

We distribute PAX for crowdsale contributions to enable the long-term development of MADANA. The PAX token will be used for transparent and automated payments via smart contract between all participants. It is the reward for data producers and plug-in providers for participating in the MADANA network.

Why we chose Lisk

Lisk is a non-profit blockchain platform that aims to make the blockchain accessible. They did one of the first successful ICOs of the world and collected more than 14000 BTC in 2016. This gives them a head start in funding and development time compared to other projects. The PAX token will be based on the Lisk blockchain technology, which is characterized by high scalability and robustness.

Unique Bond

The relationship between Max Kordek, the CEO of Lisk, and the founders of MADANA started in 2013 when they started the Bitcoin Meetup at RWTH Aachen University. As the first major ICO on Lisk, MADANA is an important milestone for the Lisk ecosystem.

High-quality Tools

It takes a lot of work and time to develop high-quality software in a market that is as new as blockchain is. Lisk develops software that is robust, scalable and easy to use. This benefits us as well as future projects to use blockchain technology based on Lisk.

Sidechain Technology

Lisk will enable every JavaScript developer to launch their own blockchain easier as ever before. Sidechain technology enables projects to work on their own blockchain. We think Lisk will be used for many projects in the future.

Token Economics

PAX drives the inner working of our platform. In the future, PAX will form the basis for government and regulation aspects that are planned for MADANA. We describe these functionalities in our dedicated Tokenomics Paper.

PAX Token Distribution

In the public Pre-Sale we offered 15% of all PAX token to the community. Additional PAX are reserved as a 10% bonus for contributions made with LSK. Unsold tokens of the Pre-Sale will be sold in a more expensive Main Sale.

Allocation of Funds

All funds collected in the Pre-Sale and Main Sale will be used carefully to ensure the long-term development of MADANA and our vision.

Facts Overview

Token Symbol
Total PAX token supply
100 Million
Pre-Sale Price
€ 0.50 / PAX
Main Sale Price
€ 1.00 / PAX
Token Sale Hardcap
€ 37.5 Million
Accepted Currencies
  • Token Symbol
  • Total PAX token supply
  • Pre-Sale Price
  • Main Sale Price
  • Token Sale Hardcap
  • Accepted Currencies
  • PAX
  • 100 Million
  • € 0.50 / PAX
  • € 1.00 / PAX
  • € 37.5 Million

Contributions made with LSK get an additional 10% bonus in PAX.


12:00 UTC+2 1. August 2018

Start Whitelisting

12:00 UTC+2 1. September 2018

Start Pre-Sale

15% of all PAX Token
€ 0.50 / PAX Token

12:00 UTC+1 31. October 2018

End Whitelisting

End Pre-Sale

  TBA 2019

Token Main Sale

30% of all PAX Token
€ 1.00 / PAX Token