We aim to create a self-governing and community-driven Market for Data Analysis. To achieve this we will utilize emerging technologies in combination with a smart cryptocurrency.

This cryptocurrency is PAX.

Data analysis today

Analytics now drives today’s enterprise, from formation of business strategy to powering operational excellence. However, it also involves the potential risks when it comes to the privacy and the security of the data.

The tools used for analysis and storage utilize the data from disparate sources. This eventually leads to a high risk of exposure of the data, making it vulnerable. We want to change that with MADANA.

Giving back control

As a consumer, MADANA provides an easy and intuitive way of giving consent to use your data. You will be able to pick between different data types and its analysis purpose. You get a fair share of the analysis value of your data. Not only once, but every time it is used for an analysis.

You can give or revoke consent at any time. Since your data will be collected and stored on your device, you even keep control of all the data that got collected with MADANA in the past.

Market for Data Analysis

Data integration with the privacy-enhancing capabilities of MADANA as a service is the way we can unlock the true potential of big data and cross-analytics. By securely bridging the gap between data and insights, with privacy in mind.

Blockchain enables trust and transparency through:

Incentivization for
Data Sharing
Payment between all
Validation of
Approval of
IP-Handling of
Globally valid
Data Models
Data Model
Analysis Processes
Decentralized Analysis
Processing Network

Transparent and immutable monetization

Data Analysis Buyers will purchase analysis results with PAX for a transparent price. Every time your data will be used, you get a fair share of PAX for providing your data. Further, the plug-in provider also receives PAX as a reward for developing and providing the analysis algorithm.

The PAX cryptocurrency, represents fair and trusted data analysis. It stands for privacy, accessibility and exchangeability.

We distribute PAX for crowdsale contributions to enable the long-term development of MADANA. The PAX cryptocurrency will be used for transparent and automated payments via smart contracts between all participants. It is the reward for data producers and plug-in providers for participating in the MADANA network.

Why use PAX

Through our PAX cryptocurrency we strive to ensure that you will get the lions share from the worlds most valuable asset: your data.


Data analysis buyers will acquire PAX from the free market and pay the other stakeholders.

All stakeholders share a limited supply of PAX, hence platform growth raises the demand.


PAX is much more than just a cryptocurrency.

By giving you the possibility to vote on future data models, you can shape the platform the way you want it.

The more PAX you have, the more you can influence the vote. And data producers can hold PAX to boost search rankings and to prove data quality.


Plug-In providers pay a fee to secure their IP on the blockchain.

Only honest behavior should be rewarded. To ensure honesty on the MADANA platform, the stakeholders can put their PAX on stake.

Doing so you can prove your data quality, processing productivity and code security. Enhancing trust in a decentralized system.

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