MADANA Platform

We aim to create a self-governing and community-driven Market for Data Analysis. To achieve this we will utilize emerging technologies in combination with a smart cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency is MADANA PAX (MDN) .


Data analysis today

Analytics now drives today’s enterprise, from formation of business strategy to powering operational excellence. However, it also involves potential risks when it comes to the privacy and the security of the data. While the use of data is a great advantage,related risks and issues often are underestimated.

Data overflow

Data overflow

Complex Handling

Low Trust & Monetization

Increasing Hacks & Leaks

Rising Fines

Legal restrictions

Legal restrictions



Free Flow of Data

ePrivacy (2020)

Data access

Data access

Tedious Consent Mgmt.

Refusing Consumers

Ceasing Consumer Profiles

Manifesting trends



Decentralized solutions creating ways for accessing information across whole value chains and beyond. Chance to skip middle-men for efficient insights, particularly from consumers.

Data privacy

Data privacy

The sentiment for more data ownership and privacy is increasing through recent scandals. Participants need to be empowered to control the ownership and usage of their data.

Sharing economy

Sharing economy

Sharing data securely opens to collaboration. Collaboration is the fundament of trading and interaction. Capability to share provides more value than owning data.

The future of data ecosystems

We at MADANA want to change the way data is handeld. Trust, Transparency & easy connectivity should be embedded by design into a platform on which everybody can participate, and everybody can take on any role.

3 Roles – Unlimited Participants - Infinite Insights

Our technology allows the creation of an open platform where data producers, plug-in providers and data analysis buyers come together. Everybody can participate, and every participant can take on any role.

Data Producer

These can be individuals as well as companies, who can enhance their privacy while sharing insights with others. You stay in control while benefiting from your data yourself, and providing additional value to others at the same time.

Data Analysis Buyer

Get the story the numbers are telling, utilizing a growing pool of decentralized information and high-quality analysis algorithms. Data analysis results can be requested on a regular basis or on demand, without the need for costly data management. The cost of executing an analysis process is transparent and fair.

Plug-in Provider

Plug-in providers are data scientists and analytics experts who develop algorithms to gain insights. The technology will provide an open platform for everybody, naturally rewarding the best plug-ins. This leads to high-quality results and paves the way for new kinds of data analysis, combining multiple types of data and giving data analysis newcomers a fair chance to develop their business.

Powered by confidential computing

Privacy-enhancing data analysis

The Analysis Processing Entity (APE) is part of our patented technology and receives encrypted data and manages the secured processing of analyses within a Trusted Execution Environment powered by MADANA Core.

With privacy by design

Distributed data storage

Distributed data storage


Secured computation

Privacy-enhancing data analysis


More unique insights

More unique insights


The MADANA platform enables new business models for Apps and Services.

By securely bridging the gap between data and insights, with privacy in mind, we can unlock the true potential of data and cross-analytics. By connecting a multitude of data sources and allowing devices all over the world to perform confidential analyses, humans as well as machines can optimize industries by tapping into a interconnected pool of information.

Get the best out of data

Privacy-enhancing data analysis

Protect data

The Analysis Processing Entity (APE) is a core component in all our products and part of our patented technology. It receives encrypted data and manages the secured processing of analyses within a Trusted Execution Environment.

Eliminate legal risk while acquiring more unique insights

Eliminate the risk of consumer data breaches and leaks with privacy-enhancing technology. More unique insights through the usage and mix of real-time analyses on demand, outsourced analytics, cross-analytics insights and insight-sharing & reselling - monetarizing consumer access.

Privacy-enhancing data analysis
Privacy-enhancing data analysis

Stay in control with transparent and immutable processes

Transparency through empowerment and collaboration with consumers. More accurate consumer profiles for better targeting and incentivization.

With transparent and immutable monetization

Data Analysis Buyers will purchase analysis results with MADANA PAX (MDN) for a transparent price. Every time your data will be used, you get a fair share of MADANA PAX (MDN) for providing your data. Further, the plug-in provider also receives MADANA PAX (MDN) as a reward for developing and providing the analysis algorithm.

The MADANA PAX (MDN) cryptocurrency will be used for transparent and automated payments via smart contracts between all participants. It is the reward for data producers and plug-in providers for participating in the MADANA network.

Token Standard: ERC-20
Token Symbol (Ticker): MDN
Initial Balance: 100 million
Decimals: 18
Token Contract Address: 0x2062b7b18d631e8ae808E178F69b1bfbDff5D545


Through our MADANA PAX (MDN) cryptocurrency we strive to ensure that you will get the lions share from the worlds most valuable asset: your data.


Data analysis buyers will acquire MADANA PAX (MDN) from the free market and pay the other stakeholders.

All stakeholders share a limited supply of MADANA PAX (MDN), hence platform growth raises the demand.


MADANA PAX (MDN) is much more than just a cryptocurrency.

By giving you the possibility to vote on future data models, you can shape the platform the way you want it.

The more MADANA PAX (MDN) you have, the more you can influence the vote. And data producers can hold MADANA PAX (MDN) to boost search rankings and to prove data quality.


Plug-In providers pay a fee to secure their IP on the blockchain.

Only honest behavior should be rewarded. To ensure honesty on the MADANA platform, the stakeholders can put their MADANA PAX (MDN) on stake.

Doing so you can prove your data quality, processing productivity and code security. Enhancing trust in a decentralized system.

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