About us

We are techies, explorers, and early blockchain believers. Believers in a better future of privacy-enhancing data analysis, complementing each other with a diverse skillset. Many of us met at RWTH Aachen University, one of the most famous universities for computer science and entrepreneurship in Germany. Our Berlin-based team is growing rapidly. Together we realize MADANA.


CEO & Co-Founder

Christian Junger

Entrepreneurial and blockchain career began over 6 years ago. Studied Finance and Entrepreneurship at RWTH Aachen University. Panelist and speaker at 20+ global events and an advisor of various European political groups and institutions. Founding member of the Bitcoin Aachen Meetup (2013) and INATBA (2019), backed by the European Commission.

CTO & Co-Founder

J.-Fabian Wenisch

Senior Software Engineer & IT Security professional previously working in the German automotive industry. Over 15 years of programming experience. Specialized in secure transmission systems with focus on Data Management, Data Security and Data Privacy as well as Design & Management of Secured IT-Infrastructures.

COO & Co-Founder

Dieter Schule

Former Consultant with vast Experience in Business Development, Process & Change Management for the Digitization of Germanys' hidden manufacturing champions. Backed by a M.Sc. Degree in Management, Organization & Entrepreneurship from the RWTH Aachen University, he's specialized in the Design, Implementation & Incentivization of Industry 4.0 Business Platform Models.


Our advisory board consists of renowned personalities from business, politics and the blockchain industry. They are connecting us to the right people, helping us to avoid pitfalls and ultimately making MADANA a success.

Executive VP at Capgemini

Marc Reinhardt

Highly connected to the German government and industry leaders. Connects us to German politicians, business partners, and industry experts.

Vice-Rector at RWTH

Prof. Dr. Malte Brettel

Well-known Enabler for Start-up businesses in Germany. Connects us to scientific institutions, and established our partnership with the RWTH Aachen University.

President of SME Alliance

Dr. Oliver Grün

Opens the doors to the European Government and intruduces us to an exellent network of medium-sized IT companies across Europe. Early Bitcoin Investor.

CEO at Lisk

Max Kordek

Successful Entrepreneur and Crypto Pioneer. Together we started building the German blockchain community in 2013. He connects us with reputable blockchain personalities.

Big Data Expert

Dr. Steffen Hauptmann

Ex-Funds Manager. Worked early on big data analytics for the banking sector. His blockchain expertise helps with our business development strategy.

CRO at The Relevance House

German Ramirez

Has more than 20 years of international experience in strategy, branding and marketing across a number of traditional and disruptive industries. His expertise helps us with our marketing strategy.


We have partnered with well-known businesses to connect to existing businesses and apply our solution to real-world problems. We value our partners highly – they help us to build a long-lasting business.


We have different investment phases, a Private Pre-Sale, a Public Pre-Sale and the actual Token Sale for the community. Read our onepager. first!

If you are interested in supporting our pursuit, contact us:

[email protected]


Get to know which milestones we already achieved, where we are at, and what our next steps will be.

March 2018

Patent Pending

We think hard work should be rewarded. Filing a patent is the way to legally protect our idea from being stolen by copycats. We are patent pending in Germany.

Read our Patent
March 2018


Influential partners from industry, economics, and politics support us. Together we provide a solution for real-world business problems on a legal basis.

July 2018

White Paper

The whitepaper got quite extensive. We cover not only our vision, real-world use-cases but also technical details and a business plan overview.

Read our White Paper
August 2018

Tokenomics Paper

Read what the PAX token does, understand why we need the blockchain and get a holistic view of our Token Economy.

Read our Tokenomics Paper
October 2018

PAX Pre-Sale Ends

The PAX Pre-Sale will end at 12:00 (UTC+1) on the 31st of October.

Q1 2019

Research & Development

We will focus on developing the technology components and the business strategy aspects of our solution.

Q2 2019

Team Expansion

Finding the right person for a job is not easy. We will expand our team with software developers, business developers, marketers and creatives.

Q2/Q3 2019


To develop MADANA's technology, we will undergo pilot projects with our enterprise partners..