Securely bridging the gap between data and insights.

MADANA is a platform for data analysis that allows participants to establish a data market while preserving privacy by design. We enable companies to make better use of data and acquire more unique insights.

What can MADANA do

Our vision is to create a decentralized pool of information.

data insights

Gain access to unique insights that are out of your reach.

preserving privacy

Securely connect with data ecosystems whilst maintaining privacy.

enhancing business

Make better use of data and improve your business decisions.

Building on

MADANA is a German technology company that takes its roots in blockchain. We are backed by various renowned investors and created one of the first cryptocurrencies under German law.

The PAX token is the fuel for data analysis requests. Smart contracts ensure a fair distribution of PAX token to every participant.


Get to know which milestones we already achieved, where we are at, and what our next steps will be.

March 2018

Patent Pending

We think hard work should be rewarded. Filing a patent is the way to legally protect our idea from being stolen by copycats. We are patent pending in Germany.

Read our Patent
March 2018


Influential partners from industry, economics, and politics support us. Together we provide a solution for real-world business problems on a legal basis.

July 2018

White Paper

The whitepaper got quite extensive. We cover not only our vision, real-world use-cases but also technical details and a business plan overview.

Read our White Paper
August 2018

Tokenomics Paper

Read what the PAX token does, understand why we need the blockchain and get a holistic view of our Token Economy.

Read our Tokenomics Paper
October 2018

PAX Pre-Sale Ends

The PAX Pre-Sale will end at 12:00 (UTC+1) on the 31st of October.

Q1 2019

Research & Development

We will focus on developing the technology components and the business strategy aspects of our solution.

Q2 2019

Team Expansion

Finding the right person for a job is not easy. We will expand our team with software developers, business developers, marketers and creatives.

Q2/Q3 2019


To develop MADANA's technology, we will undergo pilot projects with our enterprise partners..


Our team consists of dedicated doers, experienced advisors, and well-known partners. Together we realize the vision of MADANA.

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