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Use confidential computing technology to enhance your cyber security.

We safeguard your applications and data during runtime by unlocking the true potential of confidential computing. Our patented solutions provide security without compromise.

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For the first time, applications and data in use can be safely secured.


Cyber security solutions are often highly complex and only usable by technical experts.

Gain easy access to customized secure enclaves - just a few clicks away!


Digital assets are under increasing cyber threats, can you trust your service provider?

Our solutions are based on Intel SGX chipset technology - we don’t ask for trust, we build it!


We believe that everyone has the equal right to protect their digital assets.

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Your trusted cyber security solution

MADANA offers a complete and seamlessly integrable confidential computing platform with all the tools you need to secure your applications and data - whether you would like to secure existing applications and data, get started with confidential processes, or want to leverage secure data analytics.

Unlock the powerful potential of confidential computing. Secure your valuable digital assets today!

Learn more about our aim to enable a self-driven and community managed market for data analysis.