Core Team

We are techies, explorers, and early blockchain believers. Believers in a better future of privacy-preserving data analysis, complementing each other with a diverse skillset. Many of us met at RWTH Aachen University, one of the most famous Universities for Computer Science and Entrepreneurship in Germany. Our Berlin-based team is growing rapidly. Together we realize MADANA.

CEO & Co-Founder

Christian Junger

Blockchain Entrepreneur with over 5 years of experience. Studied Finance and Entrepreneurship. Co-founded the Bitcoin Aachen Meetup in 2013. Early Lisk Supporter. Great Networker and Business Strategist.

CTO & Co-Founder

J.-Fabian Wenisch

Over 15 years of programming experience. Senior Software Engineer & IT Security professional previously working in the German automotive industry. Specialized in secure transmission systems and data privacy.

COO & Co-Founder

Dieter Schule

M.Sc. Business and Mechanical Engineering. Experienced Startup Organizer and Process Builder. Passionate about exponential technology and chess.

Head of Development

Nicolas Pettican

Leading, multicultural and entrepreneurial spirit. Strong technological foundation from the University of Manchester. Experienced in managing organisations and software development projects.

Community Manager

Eugen Salkutzan

Active in the blockchain community since 2013. Previously focused on Business development in the Blockchain industry. Co-Founder of Bitcoin Meetup Aachen.

Marketing Manager

Dennis Gilburg

Studied International Marketing Management in New York. Social Influencer, Marketing Enthusiast and Strategic Marketing Expert.

Strategy & Organization

Stefan Lockowandt

Studied Engineering and Management. Interdisciplinary Generalist who loves systemic and conceptual thinking. Deals with MADANA’s organizational challenges.

Brand Awareness

Global Ambassadors

To grow and manage an active community beyond Germany, we have experienced help from across the globe. Meet our Brand Ambassadors.

Internships & Contracting

This could be you!

We are currently offering internships for software development, business development and marketing. Interested? Send your CV to [email protected].


Our advisory board consists of renowned personalities from business, politics and the blockchain industry. They are connecting us to the right people, help us to avoid pitfalls and ultimately make MADANA a success.

CEO at Lisk

Max Kordek

Successful Entrepreneur and Crypto Pioneer. Together we started building the German blockchain community in 2013. He connects us with reputable blockchain personalities.

Executive VP at Capgemini

Marc Reinhardt

Highly connected to the German government and industry leaders. Connects us to German politicians, business partners, and industry experts.

President of SME Alliance

Dr. Oliver Grün

Opens the doors to the European Government and intruduces us to an exellent network of medium-sized IT companies across Europe. Early Bitcoin Investor.

Vice-Rector at RWTH

Prof. Dr. Malte Brettel

Well-known Enabler for Start-up businesses in Germany. Connects us to scientific institutions, and established our partnership with the RWTH Aachen University.

Big Data Expert

Dr. Steffen Hauptmann

Ex-Funds Manager. Worked early on big data analytics for the banking sector. His blockchain expertise helps with our business development strategy.

CRO at The Relevance House

German Ramirez

Has more than 20 years of international experience in strategy, branding and marketing across a number of traditional and disruptive industries. His expertise helps us with our marketing strategy.


We have partnered with well-known businesses to connect to existing businesses and apply our solution to real-world problems. We value our partners highly – they help us to build a long-lasting business.

Lisk makes it easy for developers to build and deploy blockchain applications in JavaScript. Lisk was founded 2016 by Max Kordek, blockchain veteran and MADANA advisor. Lisk is an NPO and did one of the first ICOs worldwide. The MADANA Team believes in a future of dApps on Lisk.

As a multinational consulting company, Capgemini has clients all over the world. Its strength lies in strategic business planning in order to bring together new innovations and existing businesses. MADANA partnered up with Capgemini to offer solutions for GDPR-compliant E-Health use cases.

Grün Software is an experienced expert in developing software platforms. Their clients are mid-sized German businesses, who benefit from our blockchain industry knowledge and may be interested in future blockchain solutions.

Data protection plays a central role in the MADANA ecosystem. Stiftung Datenschutz is one of the few political institutions in Germany that are actively involved in this area. As part of our cooperation, we want to contribute relevant insights and organize common events in the future.

Bitmi represents over 2000 medium-sized IT-companies in Germany. This provides a way for individual companies to get noticed by influential politicians. The Bitmi Alliance is a great network for us since its members might be interested in using the MADANA ecosystem in the future.

With over 20.000 small and medium-sized digital enterprises, the European Digital SME Alliance forms the largest network of its kind. Our partnership brings us closer to the European government and connects us with its decision-makers.

Many team members of MADANA met at RWTH Aachen University, one of the most famous Universities for Computer Science and Entrepreneurship in Germany. We founded the Bitcoin Meetup in Aachen and continue to provide blockchain education by collaborating with RWTH institutions and projects.

The MADANA team held a guest lecture about blockchain technology at Maastricht University. In addition, we have a cooperation for the exchange of interns and the supervision of final B.A. and M.A. theses. Some of the team members are Maastricht Alumni.

MADANA and the CEU San Pablo University have a partnership that entails an exchange of student interns. Furthermore, we assist CEU in regards to the development of blockchain technology as an educational subject. The first ever presentation about MADANA was held at the CEU campus in Madrid.


We have different investment phases, a Private Pre-Sale, a Public Pre-Sale and the actual token sale for the community. At this place we publish early investors that announce their investment publically. Privacy first!

The Pioneer’s Vault of Max Kordek

Max Kordek created the Pioneer’s Vault to invest in promising projects that use the Lisk sidechain.

Postera Capital

Postera Capital is an investment and advisory firm that specializes in cryptoassets.

Elite Center

The Elite Center is an incubator for Lisk based projects with a vision to help growing the Lisk ecosystem.

To get one of the last remaining early investor tickets, contact us:

[email protected]